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You probably all have seen these amazing videos where famous actors like James Bond and Tom Cruise hang onto trains, bungle on the edge of a cliff, or climb over a 10 feet wall like it’s nothing. And now, you’re probably asking yourself: “How can I do that too?” Well, I can’t guarantee that after reading every blog post on my site you will be able to hang on the side of a train going 100mph whilst shooting criminals, but you will at least have enough knowledge to be a good climber. Still not convinced you should try climbing? Let me tell you this:

There are many reasons you should try climbing. First of all, like most sports, climbing improves your self-esteem and confidence, reduces the chances of becoming obese, promotes well being, greatly improves your motoric skills, and, if done together, creates trust, cooperation, and most important of all you can make very good friends whilst climbing.

Girl climbing a rock.
Girl climbing a rock.

One of the other reasons you should try climbing is that, in contrast to other sports, climbing is affordable to get started with. The equipment needed is not very expensive, and you can find everything online on Amazon.

My favorite reason is that working out whilst climbing, feels not like working out at all! Normally I would be in the gym, doing some boring cardio, leaving me sweating like crazy and – in the end – I would not have the feeling I had achieved anything.

Another nice thing about climbing is that you can keep improving – and improving goes pretty quickly too. With climbing, there is always another muscle group you can train more. There is always another technique you can learn, and there are always new exercises you can add to your workout to keep it varied – which always is important when working out!

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For now, it would be best to start off with my climbing introduction.


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